• Develop the next generation of policymakers and leaders committed to liberty through our Rising Leaders program, as a counter to powerful international organizations that act against individual freedom and sovereign nations
  • Form a network of creative and disruptive leaders in the private sector, the media, and policymaking to provide a voice of freedom where it has been lacking
  • Generate actionable policy principles with direct impact on personal and economic freedom
  • Inform thinking at all levels of policy (local, state, and federal) through regional chapters, guided by global institute principles and strategies
  • Leverage new technology and strategic relationships for coordinating and disseminating our ideas

Across the world, we are witnessing aggressive moves away from individual and economic freedom and toward centralization through large-scale government interventions.

Policies that centralize power at the expense of individual liberty have gained momentum, many prompted by perceived failings of capitalism and a rising concern about inequality. This movement has been facilitated by decades of educating young people with a single, biased curriculum extolling false principles counter to historical evidence.

At the same time, media neutrality and academic freedom have increasingly come under pressure. This has severely damaged the environment for open debate and civil discourse. The mainstream and social media, dominated by a single viewpoint, engages in implicit and at times explicit censorship rendering it difficult for individuals to gain an objective understanding of facts.

This dangerous trend threatens the free exchange of ideas essential to democracy and to urgently needed policy solutions.

Science has become politicized in a wide range of issues, including public health and climate. Continued access to low-cost energy, a cornerstone of economic development and opportunity, is at risk.

Most recently, leaders have enacted draconian polices in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While certain actions may have been necessary, many have undermined civil liberties and led to policies which may be difficult to reverse.

In many cases, they have led to unsustainable, massive government programs which undermine the integrity of public finances. With the support of several powerful international organizations, there is a new status quo that centralizes authority at the expense of basic individual freedoms, including freedom of movement, speech, and health privacy that are fundamental to the personal autonomy we have taken for granted.

A tendency towards determined redistribution and socialization of the economy, supported by an agenda-driven media and educational system, has gained traction among younger people. While these ideas run counter to historical evidence, they have rapidly gained momentum, threatening economic, financial, and political freedom. External threats to freedom and democracy have also emerged with the rise of authoritarian economic powers.

No single nation alone can solve the issues we face.

Threats to individual and economic liberty are global and backed by powerful groups with significant funding.

The Global Liberty Institute will offer a counter to organizations that have influenced governments to promote an agenda based on centralization at the expense of individual freedom and opportunity. We are uniting private sector and policy leaders across the globe – in the US, Switzerland, and all societies committed to liberty – to define and focus policy principles central to preserving freedom and to develop the world’s next generation of Rising Leaders who will ensure the durability of liberty.

Anchored by our global programs, we will work with national GLI chapters to configure, refine, and implement specific actions with the most impact. At this moment, it is urgent to put forth actionable policies to restore freedom and the principles of limited government that have been so successful in providing opportunity for health and prosperity to citizens of democracies all over the world.