The Global Liberty Institute is a counter to powerful international organizations that have been influencing world governments and an entire generation while undermining freedom.”

~ Dr. Scott W. Atlas

Zurich, Switzerland – March, 2022

OPENING EVENT: Policy Symposium


A core program of the Global Liberty Institute is our Rising Leaders Summits, held semi-annually in the United States, in Switzerland, and in selected regional Global Liberty Institute chapters. Click here to learn more.

The Global Liberty Institute is an independent and non-partisan institute for promoting individual and economic freedom and the free exchange of ideas throughout the world.

The past decades have seen a dangerous ratcheting-up of the state’s role in the world’s market economies through government overreach and regulatory dominance, often under the guise of science, and most recently a startling trend to restrict personal freedoms previously taken for granted, including free speech, freedom of movement, and free association.

We will generate a new coalition of rising young leaders with established business leaders and influential policymakers. Our Global Liberty Institute Rising Leaders Summits program will educate, mentor, and connect the next generation of policy influencers who value free markets, limited central governments, and individual autonomy to ensure a durable commitment to these principles.

Leveraging the Institute’s newly constructed alliances, we will formulate programs and policies focused on six key areas: fiscal and monetary policy for a free society; health care autonomy and privacy; ensuring media neutrality; reversing the ideological capture of education; restoring corporate focus to shareholders rather than on social agendas; and rational, evidence-based policies for low-cost energy and the climate.

We will challenge the policy directions of international organizations that have become forums for governments and corporations to to focus on globalist goals at the expense of the best interests of independent nations and free individuals.

No single nation can solve these issues alone, and new alliances of citizens committed to liberty must be created. Through our unique structure of a global headquarters in Switzerland with interconnected regional chapters in the United States and elsewhere, we will create new, strong bridges between Switzerland, the United States, and other free societies.

The Institute’s Distinguished Experts have longstanding expertise formulating disruptive policies to enhance and ensure economic and individual liberty. They also have direct experience working with governments, the media, and the private sector on a national and international stage. In contrast to institutes focused solely on academic writings, our mix of experts having hands-on records in applied policymaking with private-sector business leaders will generate creative, impactful solutions that can be disseminated and put into practice. With our formation of new global alliances, a combined business-academic perspective, and a focus on next-generation leaders, the Institute will provide a credible counterweight to the heavy regulatory agendas endorsed by international organizations that inhibit competitiveness and diminish the autonomy of sovereign nations and their citizenry.

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The Global Liberty Institute will ensure that this next generation understands the importance of economic, political, and individual freedom, and is equipped with the knowledge to defend it.”

~ Joshua D. Rauh